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Patterson Gimlin and The Fake Bigfoot Suit

This article includes my theory that Ray Wallace and Roger Patterson both conspired to hoax the infamous Patterson Gimlin film.
This post when initially created drew out some of the nuttiest of the nutty Bigfoot followers and caused an uproar in the Bigfoot community. The thing about this film in particular is that it has a tendency to bring out the most advanced of the fringe lunatics in the Bigfoot community.
They can be almost dangerously nutty in their rigorous defense of this film as the holy grail of Bigfoot science.
After all, it is the only film that has been regarded as genuine. It is the only time that this particular creature was ever filmed and the only time that this particular creature was seen before or since. (which obviously exposes it for a fake)
What I mean by that is never before or since has there been a Bigfoot of this quality (even though the quality isn't all that great as we will soon see.)

Before we go into my analysis of the Patterson Gimlin film and before I reveal where the costume came from for the hoax let's first look at the history of Bigfoot because this is very important as you will soon see. I also want to go over some of the many theories involving the Patterson Gimlin film so that you as a layperson or expert alike to this 50 year old mystery will see things clearly and in the proper light about  just what the debate is over this guy in a monkey suit?

1958 marked the beginning for modern bigfoot sightings. A lumber contractor named Ray Wallace decided to play a prank on some of his workers. Jerry Crew who is seen holding one of the foot print casts from the wooden feet belonging to Wallace. I should also note that there was a second set of fake feet which his brothers used to help him make tracks.
Now there are some Bigfoot believers that will cite Native American mythology as the source of Bigfoot lore. However upon closer inspection and with the understanding of the cultures involved through anthropological studies we know that out of the 100 or so names that the Native Americans had for Bigfoot according to Sasquatch believers....only about 2 or possibly 3 are actually referring to a wild man. What the Bigfoot researchers fail to realize is that not all mythology can simply be taken at face value and most certainly cannot be attributed to real life occurances in most cases. That would be like saying Native Americans are too stupid to have imaginations. 
In the overwhelming majority of cases mythological tales are simply storytelling to pass the time. Very much like the films and books of todays world. They are meant as cautionary tales, scary tales, adventure tales and some may have grains of truth..such as the misidentification of known animals behaving differently than expected (which is most certainly the case in the majority of sightings in modern times) mountain men, who were strange hermits that wore large pelts of animals could be a scary wild man sight to many settlers and Native Americans alike for example.

Predictably so...modern eye witnesses are convicted in their beliefs and sure of what they saw...however it is certain that they believe they saw something which they did in fact see....however it is not what they think it is. A person can be quite sure of something and be mistaken all the same.
With that said and with the lack of any evidence whatsoever that a Bigfoot creature ever existed on the North American continent it is an almost scientific certainty that Bigfoot does not exist.
The Pacific Northwest is not the type of habitat that primates live in. They tend to live in areas where there is an abundance of fruit and a tropical climate. This is completely wrong for the Pacific Northwest.
There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever of a Bigfoot type creature at all aside from Gigantophiticus which was predictably an animal which lived in Asia.
There is in fact a fossil record of Giganto in Asia. There is not in North America. 
There is no reason to believe that such creatures still exist and believe me...for creatures of that size there would be and they would be in Asia not North America...they would not have travelled across an ice bridge. 
There is no evidence in the food chain whatsoever of such creatures existing in modern times and yet there would have to be 10s of thousands of them roaming about. It would take a population of 10s of thousands of them to be sustainable.
When we start talking about large 8 to 10 foot creatures numbering in the 10s of thousands roaming about eating, it would be very evident in the food chain that such animals existed. It would be obvious.
So far not a single shred of evidence has ever come forth proving the existence of the creature.
There has been DNA evidence tested which resulted in every animal except the Bigfoot.
There has never been any Bigfoot droppings or even a body discovered.
 Bear carcasses are found all the time disspelling the notion that a Bigfoot carcass could deteriorate without ever being found.
There have been scientists such as the incompetent Jeff Meldrum that couldn't distinguish the fake tracks left by Wallace. He also was involved in the Skookum cast which was rumored to be an imprint in the mud of a Bigfoot laying down. It turned out to be from an Elk. Clearly incompetent and wishful thinking. the actual evidence for the creature doesn't exist at all....nor will it ever because the animal doesn't exist.

What it really is, for those of you who want to know and who love a good simply a hoax dreamed up by Ray Wallace.
You see Ray Wallace was a prankster and he had heard some Native American tales too. In fact he used one of them as the inspiration for his hoax...which turned out to be one of the all time greatest hoaxes ever.
Ray Wallace and his family members wanted to play a practical joke on some of the guys working on his lumber crew. So Wallace had some large fake wooden feet made. These feet were taken and imprints were made all around the jobsite.
This really freaked out his victim a lot more than Wallace could have hoped for...and the local newspaper reported the story sending it out on the newswire.
It was coined Bigfoot and that's how it all started.
Wallace upped the anty and kept milking it for decades. He thought it was just absolutely hilarious and his family wouldn't say anything at Wallace's request. It was just a family secret that blew up way beyond even what Wallace himself had anticipated.
So what do you do if you're Wallace? Well it keeps getting funnier and funnier because it keeps getting more and more serious. Professionals and scientists get involved...other hoaxers start making tracks...supposed sightings occur. It just keeps getting better and better.
So how do you top it? How do you give the ultimate hoax? It'll take more than someoversized wooden feet to do that....No! What you need is a film. that's the next best thing and that'll drive everyone wild to hysterical conclusion.
So that's where this all comes in....
Only one set of the Wallace Wooden feet has been released by the family. There is in fact a second set which has never been examined by professionals and was used as far back as the original 1958 lumber job site hoax which began the Bigfoot myth.

The Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot film hoax.
Not all of this research or images originated with me and I am not the first to draw this conclusion but I have expounded upon it and connected the dots. I will post sources soon so that all credit is given where it is due. I could not have done all of this alone. 

This has been posted to Bigfoot groups and some of the members, when faced with this got upset about it. They then tried to ridicule me for this but this right here is the Hollywood inside story of the whole thing. We will show you who made the costume, where it came from, the styles of makeup techniques used in creating it and how it was obtained. 
 I have come to the conclusion through various things brought to my attention that Bob Gimlin had to be aware of the hoax. I mean Bob Gimlin can be seen in the video...not covering Roger with a rifle as he had stated before and still does to this day so he had to know it was a hoax.
Here we can clearly see that Bob Gimlin was in fact there at the time of filming. He certainly wasn't covering Roger with a Rifle as he states he was doing he was hiding in the bushes next to Patty. 

Occums razor folks

. There are way too many variables to the story behind the PG film for it to be true and the following are the words of people in the entertainment industry. There has been a lie circulating by a few fringe believers such as Bill Munn that no one could have made such a suit at that point in history. However this is not true at all. It entirely could have been done and was. There are many similar suits from the time and even the apemen of 2001 from a year later disprove those silly notions. So the lie is being exposed finally.....

"But in order to make it more Patty-like it would need thicker lips with a philtrum (the little fold on human upper lips not found on apes) and the forehead should be thicker, etc. The main thing was that the nose was too small. Patty's nose was much wider and had a golf-ball looking round tip. I'd never seen a single mask that had all of those qualities. So I went looking....
I tried various DON POST mask combos and found some that would work but it would take some artistic skills to pull off. Patterson had artistic skills and could have done it - yet since the suit showed the techniques that were used in '66-'67 by Wah and his crew I decided to look at their masks too. If the body came from among his people then the mask would have too.
I learned that one mask did have that golf ballish nose and a philtrum. It was molded by Wah Chang himself for an episode of Star Trek. It also had the thicker lips that curved the same way Patty's did.
I looked for behind-the-scenes photos of it and compared it to Patty. The story involved a planet with primitive giant cavemen who left huge footprints and wore animal skins. They used a wig that was like a pointed cap that fit over the slanted head of the caveman.
By this time I had already made a wider nose and glued that on top of my Tor mask and I'd filled out the jaw using a rubber piece. I glued some bits of foam to the forehead and painted over that with latex. Still... the upper lip was too short and the lips too thin to match Patty.
I contacted a Star Trek collector and he got some behind-the-scenes pics for me from one of the original Star Trek producers. Though none had the mask in the exact position of our clearest Patty image, what I saw confirmed what I had discovered. The sharp cheek matched. The wider golfball nose was there. The lips were the same. The philtrum was there. The measurements were the same. The jawline was there. The forehead and ear also matched.
I obtained even clearer and closer images (as well as images of Wah's original clay sculpture for the face) and I could see something else interesting. A problem with the eyes. Heironimus had said there was a problem when he turned his head. A gap showed. Roger used one of Bob H's fake eyes to hide this. You can see from this close shot that Wah had stuck an extra layer close to the face and painted it black hoping to hide the gap that had developed. Later on a simple touch up would blend the area around the eyes better but there was no time on the day of the Trek shoot to do that.
In that black and white image of my own mask next to Patty I have also used a fake eye in the Right eyehole. The Wah mask is being worn by the gigantic BUCK MAFFEI from CORRIGANVILLE. He worked with Wah, Chambers and Janos on projects as well.

If you look at the wide nostrils of Patty you'll see they match. When I made my stunt dummy into a Bigfoot I simply took the mask out of the hoodie that came with the Wookie hair suit and put it over the head of my Tor mask. Only later (quite by accident) did I notice that when I laid the typical hood that comes with all ape suits onto my Tor mask I got a little line around the skull.
I could shift the hood around on the head and found that I could duplicate the same line around the head that Patty shows by rolling it under and sticking it down. Then I noticed that the wig cap used by Wah on Star Trek for his mask fit on its head in the same way.
The nostrils and face are exactly the same as Patty when more hair is added and a hair mat used.

If anyone cleaned up the Wah head and painted it gray, then added glued-on hair and a hair hood - it would be Patty. Period. No way around it. Amazingly, this same group of creature fx artists that are credited with having made Patty for Roger used the techniques found in both Patty and their various monster suits. For them to have access to this head AND also just happen to build monster suits using the same pad and hair methods as seen on Patty is just too much coincidence.
Yes. The "Hollywood Rumor Mill" is correct. It was Chambers and the guys working with him that cobbled this thing together from spare creature suit parts. Just as they were doing on LOST IN SPACE/VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA and STAR TREK at the time. And just as Vulich and the guys did sometimes to save time on BUFFY.
Chambers and Janos told the story they were supposed to say in public. Chambers said the same thing about having worked for the CIA on secret missions, "Gosh, I only wish I were that good, but no, I had nothing to do with any of that stuff."
Near the end of his life the CIA gave an award to John Chambers for his work on secret missions for them that stemmed from the Bay of Pigs to later Middle East missions. Actually, he was that good.
Bob Burns: I worked at CBS and we took the film up there. I put it on my Movieola and we went back and forth with it and went frame by frame. We gave it a really good and an honest shot, we really did. We projected it over and over and our honest opinion, from having worked in gorilla suits, was that it was a guy in a sumt. The way it moved, it obviously looked like it had what we call a waterbag in the stomach area which is an old trick that Charlie Gemora, the greatest apeman ever, I think, devised for his suit back in the '30s. That's the sort of liquid stomach thing to make it look like real flesh when you wiggle around. Of course John would have known about the waterbag because he knew Charlie Gemora. I certainly consider Gemora-and so does Rick-the best gorilla man ever. His suits were the best. John Chambers had to know him because he finished his career over at Paramount as the head of their makeup department.
John Vulich: I have heard that Chambers made the Patterson suit from at least two or three different people. Common sense-the footage looks like a suit. Looking at the stuff that Chambers did-the style and all that, and then having seen the stuff on Lost in Space and just knowing that in that era he was pretty much the only game in town, it makes sense. It falls into place. Jim McPherson had heard that Chambers had built that suit and that [Chambers] himself might not even have known what the suit was built for. I think that Patterson maybe had just called him up and wanted to rent some kind of suit. Because at the time he and Dick Smith were the best guys doing that kind of stuff. And he was more of an effects-type guy than Dick Smith. Dick Smith was more of a makeup guy while Chambers was building suits and creatures and was really pretty much the only game in town in the '60s.
Vulich has an opinion as to how Patterson could have afforded to have put his hoax together without the funds to have a suit fabricated:
Patterson could not have afforded to have it scratch built. I can't imagine that someone like Patterson would have whatever a suit like that would have cost back then-I'm sure it would have been at least in the tens of thousands. He could have rented it, though. He probably called Chambers to rent a suit. I get calls from people all the time who want to rent something from me. I can see someone like Chambers renting it to someone for a grand or something and maybe redoing it some and taking the head off another thing. That was my guess just seeing it.
John Vulich puts little credence in the long-held belief among Bigfooters that makeup artists have proclaimed the Patterson Bigfoot as impossible to duplicate:
One guy wrote to me and said, "You know, Disney people looked at it and they said that it couldn't be duplicated." Well, Disney was never known for doing prosthetic effects. I'll tell you as a makeup artist looking at it, it's a guy in a suit. There's no doubt in my mind that it's a guy in a suit. They get into specifics like the way the head turns, that it turns like a gorilla. It turns that way because the suit was stiff and made from polyfoam and he couldn't probably turn his neck very well. Well if it's stiff then how could it be walking? Well, not every part of it is going to be stiff, the joints are going to be loose, etc. But I think it was a guy in a suit.
The bottom line for Vulich: "It is a combination of my gut instinct, my knowledge of makeup, and all that I have heard, that makes me think that Chambers made the Patterson suit. I do not have proof but I definitely believe that he made it."
Dave Kindlon: I heard this again while working on Gorillas in the Mist at Rick Baker's [studio]. We had just pulled out the old Harry and the Hendersons r/c [radio controlled] head and were talking about "real" Bigfoot sightings. I mentioned the Patterson film and Rick responded, "You know that's a guy in a suit. John Chambers built that around the time of Planet of the Apes." It was common knowledge in the shop from around the time that they were building the "Harry" suits for Harry and the Hendersons.
Howard Berger remembers hearing about the Chambers-Patterson suit connection in 1985:
I always thought that it was kind of fake-looking and I remember seeing the Sun Classic Pictures movie In Search of Bigfoot or whatever and they were saying: "There was no way that this could ever be a man." And I'm thinking, "What a bunch of crap. Of course, it could be a man!" I was working at Rick Baker's on Harry and the Hendersons and we were talking about Bigfoot and talking about that foo

Same shape and same dimensions everything fits perfectly when the mask is modified with more facial hair and a different hair mat for the top of the head. 

A Wallace family member holds up the infamous fake feet which were also used in the Gimlin film proving Wallace was in fact involved in the hoax. 
Closeup of Roger Patterson holding up the alleged Bigfoot Track Cast from the Patterson Gimlin Film along with the fake foot held up by the Wallace family member. When the fake foot is placed in mud to make the tracks in the manner in which they did you can see how it would match up almost exact. 

Galileo Seven mask as used on Star Trek and modified to become Patty in the Patterson Gimlin film. 
even more incriminating evidence that this was all taken the same day and not the following day as reported.
Bigfoot reserchers often comment on how Patty is a female and who would have thought to make a female monkey suit. Wallace would...his wife played Bigfoot in some of his hoax photographs. Wallace also told Roger Patterson where to go that day and when to see his Bigfoot. Patterson has sought out Wallace for information on Bigfoot and was in need of money desperately. He was trying to get an advance in pay on a documantary funding of a hunt for Bigfoot. So how he managed to get the greatest piece of wildlife photography ever filmed on first try and 50 years later no one else has even come close is a mystery. No isn't it's a hoax. 
Ray Wallace is the mastermind behind the Bigfoot hoax and the originator of the phenomenon.
Even Roger Patterson was ousted by the photo shop clerk who served him while he was looking into what type of camera to use. 
Patterson alegedly brought in a skinny version of one of the Bigfoot tracks as proof. this didn't impress the photo shop clerk who stated "that's too narrow to support such an animal. the hell would have to be much wider."
Roger Patterson replied with "I can fix that."
There will be some to still deny these claims stating that it's real and a man can't walk that way, or suits like that couldn't have been made in the late 60s and all sorts of other things of that nature which are not only inaccurate and misinformed but wildly out of touch with reality.

"The Bigfoot researchers say that no human can walk that way in the film. Oh, yes they can! When you’re wearing long clown’s feet, you can’t place the ball of your foot down first. You have to put your foot down flat. Otherwise, you’ll stumble. Another thing, when you put on the gorilla head, you can only turn your head maybe a quarter of the way. And to look behind you, you’ve got to turn your head and your shoulders and your hips. Plus, the shoulder pads in the suit are in the way of the jaw. That’s why the Bigfoot turns and looks the way he does in the film. He has to twist his entire upper body." Relatively Interesting
Now that's a Star Trek Galileo Seven mask with extra facial hair, a different hair mat, a paint job and cleaned up if I ever saw one.

I think he is wearing the wooden feet used to make the Bigfoot tracks. That certainly appears to be the case as the soles don't match up with the heels. 
Furthermore Wallace used a truck & a makeshift sort of plow to avhieve the depth in the prints he made at the lumber site in 1958 & in various locations. It would be quite simple with a slight modification to use the same sort of setup with horses pulling. This is how they got the depth of the prints. 

Their claims still cannot answer how a mask of a creature never before seen or photographed can exist before the creature is seen and photographed.
 If the PG film came  first we could say Patty influenced  mask  but this is not the case.
 Or even why a hoaxer that started the Bigfoot phenomena would hoax anything at all, especially for decades if he was so savy on where and when to find the real Bigfoot as was evidenced when he told Roger Patterson where and when to go that day to see his Bigfoot. I mean if those things can be answered in any other light than a hoax, I am all ears. 

Case closed. It's a hoax.

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